Hooray for my first post! I created this blog in hopes to inspire others, as well as keep a log of what inspires me. But before I get to posting, I suppose I should introduce myself right? Well, my name is Koriana Cichocki, but everyone calls me Kori and a select few call me Koko. I am the oldest of 4, with 3 younger brothers that are 19, 13, and 9 and I have 2 amazing parents that I love and am very thankful for. I am obsessed with my 3 pets, and I smother them with love: Mischa the Pug, Katinka the Black Cat with enormous eyes, and ChiChi the forever fat Chinchilla. I am currently 21 years old, and I just graduated this past May from Cazenovia College with a BFA, majoring in fashion design. I have proudly won 2 contests in my life that have showcased my creativity and talent in fashion:


1. ProjectStyle 2011 “Ultimate Trendsetter” in which I had to style multiple outfits in various rounds and compete in a final live “style-off” for a chance to win $1,000 to a local mall. 

2. Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week 2011 presents VitaminWater “Uncapped” grand prize winner, creating a winning gown inspired by my assigned VitaminWater flavor, resulting in a $1000 cash prize. 


I was also a finalist in E!’s 2011 Adrianna Papell red carpet gown contest. I  interned at Z-Ply Corporation in New York City with one of my best friends from college in June of 2011. I love creating outfits, putting together inspiration collages, and designing/sketching new ideas. I hope to one day find myself in New York City working as a stylist, creative director, or designer. But until then, I’ll be posting tips on a little bit of everything from makeup to clothes, to DIY crafts, and I hope you decide to stop by and take a look every now and then!


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