Beauty Tip: Let’s Get Catty



As a part of my everyday routine, the cat eye can take months to master. I’ve been wearing my eye makeup like this for about 5 years now, and there are some secret tips to achieving the perfect wing. First, gather your materials:

 1. Eyelash curler

2. Liquid eyeliner (I use Maybelline’s Line Stiletto)

3. Gel Eyeliner (I use Maybelline’s Eyestudio)

4. Eyeliner pencil

5. Mascara

 First, curl your lashes (so you avoid smudging the eyeliner in the future). Then, draw a quick line over your lashline with a regular pencil eyeliner. Smudge it with a sponge. This will help the liquid liner stick to your lid. Next, using the liquid liner, draw your bottom wing tip. Now, starting from your inner eye, create the top of your eyeliner and connect it to the bottom wing tip you just drew. You should have a space of skin still showing between the two. Continue by filling in the space and perfecting the shape of “swoosh” you desire. Let that dry. Finish the perfect cat eye by going over it with gel liner. I just started doing this recently and found that my eyeliner appeared less faded, more black, and lasted MUCH longer. Simply dip the brush into the gel pot and gently trace the liquid liner. And finally, top your lashes off with mascara and you’re good to go!


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