How to: Statement Necklaces





When getting ready, my favorite go-to accessory is a statement necklace. The bigger the better! I have accumulated so many they barely fit in my jewelry armoire!

As you may know, statement necklaces are always expensive and can cost you more than an entire outfit. The trick to get by these obscene prices? Ebay. Never pay more than $10 again!

Just type “statement necklace” in the search engine and instantly you’ll be overwhelmed by the numerous results. The only con? They’re coming from China which means a longer delivery. But honestly, it’s worth the wait. You’ll save yourself money, and you can shop from home.

You can filter your results by lowest price which will show you most necklaces in auction form (which start at a PENNY) or you can filter it further by choosing lowest price AND the “buy it now” option if you don’t like bidding. Definitely do your research before buying though. Sometimes the same necklace will end up being cheaper through a “buy it now” offer rather than an auction or vice versa! I’ve seen necklaces go for $15 when you can “buy it now” for $3.

Choose your search terms carefully. When you start to really search for unique pieces it can be hard to filter through the crap. Pay attention to the necklaces you do like and see what the sellers use in the title. Words like “trendy,” “fashion,” and even “statement” are added to necklaces that are none of those things. Try searching under specific details such as “crystal,” “resin,” “irregular,” “Art Deco” and “vintage.” You’ll be finding the best necklaces in an instant! Happy shopping!


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