How to: Statement Necklaces





When getting ready, my favorite go-to accessory is a statement necklace. The bigger the better! I have accumulated so many they barely fit in my jewelry armoire!

As you may know, statement necklaces are always expensive and can cost you more than an entire outfit. The trick to get by these obscene prices? Ebay. Never pay more than $10 again!

Just type “statement necklace” in the search engine and instantly you’ll be overwhelmed by the numerous results. The only con? They’re coming from China which means a longer delivery. But honestly, it’s worth the wait. You’ll save yourself money, and you can shop from home.

You can filter your results by lowest price which will show you most necklaces in auction form (which start at a PENNY) or you can filter it further by choosing lowest price AND the “buy it now” option if you don’t like bidding. Definitely do your research before buying though. Sometimes the same necklace will end up being cheaper through a “buy it now” offer rather than an auction or vice versa! I’ve seen necklaces go for $15 when you can “buy it now” for $3.

Choose your search terms carefully. When you start to really search for unique pieces it can be hard to filter through the crap. Pay attention to the necklaces you do like and see what the sellers use in the title. Words like “trendy,” “fashion,” and even “statement” are added to necklaces that are none of those things. Try searching under specific details such as “crystal,” “resin,” “irregular,” “Art Deco” and “vintage.” You’ll be finding the best necklaces in an instant! Happy shopping!


DIY: Thrifted Vanity Decor


Every girl’s vanity/dresser should be customized to match her personality. A great way to do so is thrifting. By finding unique decor you can achieve a fun vanity space all your own, and on
a low budget!

Look for items that can be converted into something else. For example, I took a shabby chic toothbrush holder and turned it into a makeup brush organizer! I also found an awesome
mirror to use as a vanity tray. Just refresh your perspective and you’ll find there’s tons you can do with regular household objects!

Simple Mani: The Rainbow Fish



Here’s a simple mani that’s quick and easy! All you need is a nail dotter (or a bobby pin or something with a round end) cling wrap, and multiple nail polish colors! Check out Juleps awesome variety here.

On the cling wrap place a dab of each color you’re using. Start with a bright color and dot randomly on your nails. Repeat with all your colors, alternating your neutrals with your brights. Be sure to cover the tips of your nails. Then, take a glitter polish and dot over one of your bright colors. Finish with a top coat and voila!

Retail: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

I am always looking to save money, especially with my horrible shopping obsessions. So, I am a regular Plato’s Closet recycler. It’s such a smart way to make money AND save money. If you haven’t ever been to Plato’s Closet, they are a retail store that recycles fashion for both guys and girls! Meaning, they buy your old clothes and accessories off of you for instant cash! They then sell these clothes for low prices that are affordable for any budget. So, here’s how you get started:

Step 1: Go through your closet and pick out anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months to 1 year. Make sure everything is in decent quality and has no stains.

Step 2: Go through your accessories and pick out anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months to 1 year. This means all jewelry (earrings must be on its original hang tag) belts, scarves, purses, and shoes.

Step 3: Fold everything neatly in a large tote bag or shopping bag.

Step 4: Take to your nearest Plato’s Closet and get cash for your clothes and accessories on the spot!

I’ve found that they’re a little picky when it comes to shoes and dresses. However, I typically get around $20-$30 whenever I go there. I also frequently go there for quick events, like holidays, to pick up a quick dress for under $10 instead of spending $30 at the mall for something I’ll only wear once! And usually, they’ll buy it back after you’ve gotten your use out of it!

Plato’s Closet is also a great place to go shopping for quick trends you know won’t be in style for long or for anything in general! They carry tons of Forever 21, Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Juicy Couture, Charlotte Russe, and brands from Urban Outfitters. Dresses and skirts typically run $6-$10 dollars and shirts and tank tops $6-$12 depending on brand and style. Shoes are around $10-$20, same with jeans, leggings, and sweaters/blazers/sweatshirts. It’s a place that anyone can bargain shop and I promise you’ll find some great steals! If you haven’t been there yet, I definitely recommend you try it out!

Last Minute Gifting


If you’re finding yourself low on time this holiday season or even just low on cash, there are still some great gift ideas available! Gift cards are always a last resort, but before you surrender to the ubiquitous plastic present, check out these ideas!

Nail Kit: Nail art has been huge this past year so make your own little kit like I did above! Pick out one or two nail-polishes and then find little add ons; stickers, rhinestones, a can of nailpolish quick-dry spray (3$ at Ulta), a cute nail file, or even magnetic nail polish. I used mini caviar bead bottles and glitter. Lauren Conrad just featured an INGENIUS nail necessity on her blog: metallic Sharpies. They are perfect for details and French tips, and they’re way cheaper than nail art pens. Wal-mart has a 3 pack of silver, gold and bronze for $3.87!

OR: go big and get an at home gel manicure startup kit!

Healthy Living: Great for any workout fein! Fill a small gym bag up with fun items; a neon sports bra, a jump rope, a fitness magazine, a water bottle, Gatorade packets, a protein bar, etc. My cousin just introduced me to THIS amazing water bottle. It has a filter at its base to infuse chunks of fruit or mint leaves into your water! Yum!

OR: go big and get a pair of running shoes or at-home weight set!

Makeup Maniac: Girls love receiving makeup, it’s just one less thing we have to buy every month or two! Pick one large gift idea like a MAC lipstick and fill a small makeup bag (1$ at the Dollar Tree) with little things like false lashes, eyeliner pencils or even sparkley bobby pins, hair ties and hair donut to make it a mini girls survival kit.

OR: go big and get a full beauty kit from Sephora or Macy’s!

8 Must Have Apps


I consider myself a very organized individual, especially when it comes to
my phone! Over the past year I’ve gone through my fair share of apps, only keeping the best of the best in order to de-clutter my iPhone. Here are a few of my top picks for best apps:

1. Wallpapers HD: Free. This app has the best wallpapers for your phone, and has a large variety to choose from. You can search by category or browse the newest additions, and when you save them to your phone it automatically creates a Wallpapers folder for you in your albums!

2. Bokehful: Not Free. I don’t usually purchase any apps unless they’re 100% worth it, and this one is definitely worth the money! With this app you can add bokeh to any of your photos exactly where you want it. You can choose from a bunch of color schemes and shapes, AND choose how opaque it is! Most bokeh filters overpower your photos, so I really enjoy how much variation this app has.

3. ShopWell: Free. For anyone that is health conscious or allergic to a certain food you MUST download this app! It allows you to scan products at the grocery store to see what health score the food has and according to your personal profile it reveals hidden sugars, fats, and any allergens you may have. For me, I track what products have gluten. You’d be surprised what is truly healthy and what isn’t!

4. Joann Fabrics App: Free. This was extremely helpful for me throughout college since I was a fashion design major, and still remains to be one of my most used apps. Do not ever buy anything from Joanns again without a coupon! This app has downloadable coupons that are reusable! And I’ll let you in on another secret, Joann’s accepts Michael’s coupons and Hobby Lobby! AND Michael’s also has an app with readily available coupons. Just show the cashier your phone and you’re good to go!

5. FourSquare: Free. Check into places to receive discounts and coupons! Not many places offer discounts but some places like American Eagle and Payless typically offer something daily. Not only does it feature clothing stores, but also restaurants and small businesses.

6. AutoRap: Free. This app is something to use just for fun. It takes a recording and turns it into an instant rap, and you choose what beat you want. It’s so funny! You an your friends and family will be laughing for hours.

7. PicJoiner: Free. I like this frame app more than others because it gives you more options. You can change the color of the frame and round the corners (my personal favorite feature)!

8. PicFx: Not Free. This app is my little secret weapon. BEST PHOTO EDITING APP EVER. You’ll never use another filter app again. Pic Fx offers so many filters, textures, and bokeh, your head will spin. It allows you to layer filters, rotate filters and choose their opacity. Everyone on Instagram will ask how you edited your photos!


Hooray for my first post! I created this blog in hopes to inspire others, as well as keep a log of what inspires me. But before I get to posting, I suppose I should introduce myself right? Well, my name is Koriana Cichocki, but everyone calls me Kori and a select few call me Koko. I am the oldest of 4, with 3 younger brothers that are 19, 13, and 9 and I have 2 amazing parents that I love and am very thankful for. I am obsessed with my 3 pets, and I smother them with love: Mischa the Pug, Katinka the Black Cat with enormous eyes, and ChiChi the forever fat Chinchilla. I am currently 21 years old, and I just graduated this past May from Cazenovia College with a BFA, majoring in fashion design. I have proudly won 2 contests in my life that have showcased my creativity and talent in fashion:


1. ProjectStyle 2011 “Ultimate Trendsetter” in which I had to style multiple outfits in various rounds and compete in a final live “style-off” for a chance to win $1,000 to a local mall. 

2. Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week 2011 presents VitaminWater “Uncapped” grand prize winner, creating a winning gown inspired by my assigned VitaminWater flavor, resulting in a $1000 cash prize. 


I was also a finalist in E!’s 2011 Adrianna Papell red carpet gown contest. I  interned at Z-Ply Corporation in New York City with one of my best friends from college in June of 2011. I love creating outfits, putting together inspiration collages, and designing/sketching new ideas. I hope to one day find myself in New York City working as a stylist, creative director, or designer. But until then, I’ll be posting tips on a little bit of everything from makeup to clothes, to DIY crafts, and I hope you decide to stop by and take a look every now and then!