Tech Pet


I enjoy making the most of my iPhone cases, as some of you my previously have noticed. Well I’ve been searching for iPhone cases with tails, and I happened to stumble across this black cat case with not only a furry tail, but ears too! It was a steal, 6$ on eBay! Gotta love it.


8 Must Have Apps


I consider myself a very organized individual, especially when it comes to
my phone! Over the past year I’ve gone through my fair share of apps, only keeping the best of the best in order to de-clutter my iPhone. Here are a few of my top picks for best apps:

1. Wallpapers HD: Free. This app has the best wallpapers for your phone, and has a large variety to choose from. You can search by category or browse the newest additions, and when you save them to your phone it automatically creates a Wallpapers folder for you in your albums!

2. Bokehful: Not Free. I don’t usually purchase any apps unless they’re 100% worth it, and this one is definitely worth the money! With this app you can add bokeh to any of your photos exactly where you want it. You can choose from a bunch of color schemes and shapes, AND choose how opaque it is! Most bokeh filters overpower your photos, so I really enjoy how much variation this app has.

3. ShopWell: Free. For anyone that is health conscious or allergic to a certain food you MUST download this app! It allows you to scan products at the grocery store to see what health score the food has and according to your personal profile it reveals hidden sugars, fats, and any allergens you may have. For me, I track what products have gluten. You’d be surprised what is truly healthy and what isn’t!

4. Joann Fabrics App: Free. This was extremely helpful for me throughout college since I was a fashion design major, and still remains to be one of my most used apps. Do not ever buy anything from Joanns again without a coupon! This app has downloadable coupons that are reusable! And I’ll let you in on another secret, Joann’s accepts Michael’s coupons and Hobby Lobby! AND Michael’s also has an app with readily available coupons. Just show the cashier your phone and you’re good to go!

5. FourSquare: Free. Check into places to receive discounts and coupons! Not many places offer discounts but some places like American Eagle and Payless typically offer something daily. Not only does it feature clothing stores, but also restaurants and small businesses.

6. AutoRap: Free. This app is something to use just for fun. It takes a recording and turns it into an instant rap, and you choose what beat you want. It’s so funny! You an your friends and family will be laughing for hours.

7. PicJoiner: Free. I like this frame app more than others because it gives you more options. You can change the color of the frame and round the corners (my personal favorite feature)!

8. PicFx: Not Free. This app is my little secret weapon. BEST PHOTO EDITING APP EVER. You’ll never use another filter app again. Pic Fx offers so many filters, textures, and bokeh, your head will spin. It allows you to layer filters, rotate filters and choose their opacity. Everyone on Instagram will ask how you edited your photos!

Accessory Underdog: the iPhone case

Accessories are everything when it comes to putting together an outfit. Jewelry, shoes, purses etc. However, there’s one accessory that’s constantly in your hands and yet always overlooked; your phone. Smartphones and iPhones have become an everyday accessory in every women’s life, so why not make it just as fashionable?! Here are a few of my favorite phone cases I’ve gone through within the past year, and each one has definitely gotten people’s attention!

Above: Brass knuckle iPhone case. $13 Ebay.

Above: Skull Pleather iPhone case. $12 Icing/Claire’s Accessories.

Above: Kawaii Bunny iPhone case. $7 Ebay.

Above: Gold Stud DIY iPhone case. 2$ Via the Dollar Tree and Joann Fabrics.

Above: Kawaii Rilakkuma Bling iPhone case. $13 Charlotte Russe.