So ColorFALL


This fall/winter I’ve decided to try and wear bright colors as opposed to the typical dark depressing tones associated with the cold. So, I came up with this very cute, jcrew-ish outfit! The sweater is one of my favorite colors, chartreuse, and was only 13$ at Forever 21! From there, I paired it with casual boyfriend fit pants I thrifted, and my “librarian” herringbone bow heels! I topped it off with my very bright floral and pearl necklace as well as a pearl Betsey Johnson bracelet and earrings!

I suggest everyone try to incorporate a little bit of color into their outfits! The best way is through accessories like shoes, belts, and jewels. Definitely invest in something bright you know you can wear year round (mine is this necklace) and you’ll probably find that it can transform any basic outfit into a fabulous one!


Beauty Review: Claire’s Nail Stickers


So I recently picked up some cool nail stickers at Claire’s for 1$ (on clearance) and I finally got the chance to try them out! I have to say I’m disappointed in the quality, however I can’t stay I didn’t expect it. Sally Hansen still offers the best nail stickers by far, but these Claires stickers do offer a better variety of fun accents like rhinestones and ombré! The problem is the stick of them, meaning there is almost none! The edges are also difficult to trim off and they leave a rough lip that attracts lint and fur. They lasted one day in total, which is obviously a bust. I do have to say that they would be great for a one day event like a prom, party, or wedding! Next time I find them on sale again, I’d like to try them out as accent strips by trimming them up and applying a topcoat! So, maybe give them a try and send your feedback!

Fall Florals



Many people believe florals are merely a spring trend. However, it is 100% possible to carry this trend throughout the year! Pick a floral that is black based, not white or pastel. Look for florals in rich colors and large print. Then pair it with a shade taken from the print itself. Add some fun gold accessories and voila, a perfect fall floral!

Beauty Tip: Let’s Get Catty



As a part of my everyday routine, the cat eye can take months to master. I’ve been wearing my eye makeup like this for about 5 years now, and there are some secret tips to achieving the perfect wing. First, gather your materials:

 1. Eyelash curler

2. Liquid eyeliner (I use Maybelline’s Line Stiletto)

3. Gel Eyeliner (I use Maybelline’s Eyestudio)

4. Eyeliner pencil

5. Mascara

 First, curl your lashes (so you avoid smudging the eyeliner in the future). Then, draw a quick line over your lashline with a regular pencil eyeliner. Smudge it with a sponge. This will help the liquid liner stick to your lid. Next, using the liquid liner, draw your bottom wing tip. Now, starting from your inner eye, create the top of your eyeliner and connect it to the bottom wing tip you just drew. You should have a space of skin still showing between the two. Continue by filling in the space and perfecting the shape of “swoosh” you desire. Let that dry. Finish the perfect cat eye by going over it with gel liner. I just started doing this recently and found that my eyeliner appeared less faded, more black, and lasted MUCH longer. Simply dip the brush into the gel pot and gently trace the liquid liner. And finally, top your lashes off with mascara and you’re good to go!

Pamper Yourself


 Gel manicures have been a popular trend hitting nail salons everywhere. Well, I have my own gel kit at home, Sensationail, but I never actually got the manicure done professionally. So, for my mom’s birthday we decided to have a mother-daughter mani/pedi night. I have to say, definitely worth the money! Gel manicures offer so many various colors, just as many as normal nail polishes. Here, I chose from the Gelish nail colors, opting for a basing pink with some sparkle! 

I recommend anyone to try a gal manicure at least once, but make sure to scope out your area and find the best deal, because they can be extremely expensive. My mom and I got our nails done at Luv Lee Nails in Depew, after calling a bunch of salons near us. Luv Lee Nails offered a great deal: a gel mani and regular pedi for 50$. Mind you, the gel mani by itself is 40$, and for an extra 10$ we got to get our toes done too! Also, many online websites offer coupons for first time customers, or deal packages on sites such as groupon! So, go ahead and pamper yourself, you’ll be glad you did!

Motivational Money


As a college grad, you’re going to be faced with hideous loan payments about 6 months after graduation (unless you’re blessed and have wonderful parents who can pay for your college). So if you’re like me and can’t resist shopping and buying Starbucks AND need to pay for school, you might need some reminding that loans are approaching. Hence, the money jar. I’m a firm believer in “Out of sight, out of mind.” I need something visual to stimulate and motivate me. So, I made a quick trip to Joann Fabrics and bought materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Mason jar (3$)
2. 1 piece of scrapbook paper (1$)
3. Letter stickers (1$)
4. Scissors
5. Tape

Now the rest is simple! Cut a strip of scrapbook paper, about 3-4 inches tall. Feel free to use decorative scissors to make a funky edge! Place your message using your stickers BEFORE applying it to the jar. This way, the stickers won’t come out crooked. Add cute details like ribbons, rhinestones, and studs! This is a the fun part, so go all out! Next, simply wrap the strip around the jar and secure it with tape. Finally, remove the inner top of the mason jar, leaving it open. Now, place it in an area you walk by everyday, and every time you find spare change or have a couple extra dollars, drop it into the jar! Try saving a specific amount from each weekly paycheck and promise yourself that whatever amount is in that jar, it CANNOT be touched.

What’s great about this simple and affordable DIY, is that you don’t have to use it for just loans. Need motivation for weight loss? Label the jar “new wardrobe” for when you reach your goal! Want to splurge on new fall boots? Tape a picture of them onto the jar! It seems silly, but seeing something that will remind you to save daily will truly help in the long run. And remember, every penny counts!


Hooray for my first post! I created this blog in hopes to inspire others, as well as keep a log of what inspires me. But before I get to posting, I suppose I should introduce myself right? Well, my name is Koriana Cichocki, but everyone calls me Kori and a select few call me Koko. I am the oldest of 4, with 3 younger brothers that are 19, 13, and 9 and I have 2 amazing parents that I love and am very thankful for. I am obsessed with my 3 pets, and I smother them with love: Mischa the Pug, Katinka the Black Cat with enormous eyes, and ChiChi the forever fat Chinchilla. I am currently 21 years old, and I just graduated this past May from Cazenovia College with a BFA, majoring in fashion design. I have proudly won 2 contests in my life that have showcased my creativity and talent in fashion:


1. ProjectStyle 2011 “Ultimate Trendsetter” in which I had to style multiple outfits in various rounds and compete in a final live “style-off” for a chance to win $1,000 to a local mall. 

2. Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week 2011 presents VitaminWater “Uncapped” grand prize winner, creating a winning gown inspired by my assigned VitaminWater flavor, resulting in a $1000 cash prize. 


I was also a finalist in E!’s 2011 Adrianna Papell red carpet gown contest. I  interned at Z-Ply Corporation in New York City with one of my best friends from college in June of 2011. I love creating outfits, putting together inspiration collages, and designing/sketching new ideas. I hope to one day find myself in New York City working as a stylist, creative director, or designer. But until then, I’ll be posting tips on a little bit of everything from makeup to clothes, to DIY crafts, and I hope you decide to stop by and take a look every now and then!